I am so excited that my first delivery of Children’s Yoga Sleep CDs has just arrived.

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This relaxing meditation CD is designed to help children relax and sleep more peacefully. Each carefully scripted meditation features a delightful story and is backed by beautiful calming music.

Meditation is a fantastic tool that children can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives. Help your child to become more peaceful, to connect with their inner being, learn how truly wonderful they are and help them learn to release stress and anxiety.

Guided meditation can help children focus better at school, improve memory & concentration, improve behaviour, improve relationships, strengthen the immune system and promote inner peace. These fun meditations teach your child self-awareness, encourage them to be themselves and to help build self confidence.

The meditations are completely safe and an effective way to relax your child. The CD can used for general relaxation or at bedtime and is suitable for all children up to the age of 12.

Click here for samples and to purchase.

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As I prepare for the Aloha Yoga Summer Retreat, which takes place at the end of this month, I found this beautiful poem from one of last year’s guests.

This poem took me right back to Bala Brook, a truly stunning location for a retreat. Reading this poem brings a huge smile to my face and an opening of my heart. Not long until our 2014 retreat, I can’t wait!


We arrived on a Friday in sunny June,
The setting was perfect – Nature all in tune.
With the sound of the river rushing close by,
the gardens were beautiful, that is no lie.
My fellow yogis were a lovely gang.
All individuals and happy to hang.
With no judgement, no ego, no-one to impress,
we were completely ourselves with just yoga, peace and love no less.
Jackie and Julie are teachers most kind.
And Christine our cook made lunch with our foraging finds.
So we Yoga’d, we Ommed, we foraged, we slept
but most importantly we laughed and at times even wept.
It was a weekend of joy at the nature outside
As well as of the love and happiness that deep down we can hide.
In our everyday life we need more of this
For it brings out the knowledge that doing nothing is BLISS.

Courtesy of Sally Creese

I am extremely honoured to have a feature in the new edition of the International Lifestyle Magazine.



The International Lifestyle Magazine takes a look at positive lifestyle choices from around the globe. Promoting balance in life.  It’s a really great magazine featuring retreats, alternative health and wellness, recipes, yoga, meditation, travel.  Be inspired and take a look!  Plus it’s totally FREE.

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Do you feel stressed, anxious, suffer from poor sleep patterns? Do you wish to de-stress, find balance between your mind, body & spirit?

If so, why not come along to my Yoga Nidra workshop on Sat 31 May, 10.30am-12.30pm at Lotus Loft Yoga Studio in Exeter. Complete beginners welcome, you will be fully guided so no experience necessary.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

How Yoga Nidra can help:

  • Slow down body metabolism and allows deep rejuvenation.
  • Enable the relaxation of the entire muscular system brings relief to aches and pains caused by body stiffness and over exertion.
  • Slow down the heart and breathing rates helping to reduce blood pressure.
  • The endocrinal (glandular) system, which coordinates all the body’s functions and which becomes constantly overused and abused in the course of our daily activities (especially the adrenal glands in their response to anxiety), are given a chance to recuperate and normalise bringing them more into balance.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep and can act as an antidote to insomnia.
  • Reduce stress levels in the body which helps to release deep seated anxieties in the mind.

Here’s some feedback from a student that attended a recent Yoga Nidra workshop.

It was lovely meeting you and the workshop really was incredibly special, needless to say I spent most of Saturday in a blissful state, almost not knowing what planet I was on!! On Sunday, I had so much energy, I was able to walk for several miles (the weather was so amazing too). I feel so much more positive about life..thank you so much. I love your meditation cd too, I have been playing it every night…and also trying to fit in some yoga practice!” JY, Devon

Remember to book early as these workshops do fill up and I quite often have a waiting list.

Contact me for further information info@juliebladon.com.

Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra) is available on CD and download.  Yoga Sleep is also stocked by iTunes and Amazon.

Yoga Sleep Download          Yoga Sleep Download for Children

Here’s the latest recipe which I made for last Saturday’s Yoga Nidra workshop.  A really tasty, healthy snack and as it is raw chocolate they are fairly rich so you do not need too many to enjoy the taste!

We all know how powerful chocolate can be particularly from our intuitive emotional response to it.  Here are a few chocolate facts which further explain our natural response to the pleasure of chocolate…

  • Chocolate contains over 300 chemicals including a vast range of vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium).  It contains phenylethylamine which is released naturally in the body when you fall in love and is also considered to be an aphrodisiac.
  • The smell of chocolate promotes relaxation, it significantly reduces theta activity in the brain which is associated with relaxation.  (Source: International Journal of Psychophysiology, 1998).
  • Chocolate also contains dopamine which is a natural painkiller. Serotonin which is found in chocolate produces feelings of pleasure. Chocolate has over 400 distinct smells.  A rose has only fourteen and an onion just six or seven.
  • A cup of hot cocoa (using pure cocoa powder) has more than double the amount of antioxidants as green tea and four to five times more than black tea. (Source: Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2003).

1 cup of cashews blended until smooth (or you can cheat as I did and buy cashew butter)
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
8 dates (pitted and soaked for at least 4 hours or you may wish to buy chopped dates)
2 tablespoons raw cacao powder (raw chocolate)
1 cup of desiccated coconut for coating

Place all of the ingredients,except for coconut, into a mixer and mix until smooth.  With your hands roll the mixture into small balls.  Then pour the desiccated coconut onto a chopping board and roll the balls in it to top.  Place the balls on a plate and refridgerate until hard.

Raw cacao powder and cashew butter can be found at your local health food store.

Make a batch and keep them in the fridge, they make a tasty snack across the week and saves eating too much processed chocolate!



These great new packages offer a mix of activities and also save you money.  They make great gifts so you can book the package and the recipient can book an appointment time to suit them.  Really easy and very flexible!

The yoga packages can be for upto 3 people so you can share the costs and book sessions to fit into your daily schedule.

Tailor-made packages are also available for birthdays, Christmas, hen parties and so on.  Get in touch via info@juliebladon.com or call 07754 983498 to discuss your requirements.

The packages are available in the online shop, just book and we can arrange the appointment times.

Goddess Power Yoga Retreat – Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre, nr Seville, Southern Spain

Saturday 20 – Saturday 27 May 2017, Prices from £800 pp shared room

“When we focus our gifts and talents that are inherent to us as women, we are able to live from a place of authenticity, courage and clarity.”  ~ Katalin Koda, author of “Fire of the Goddess”

Join Julie Bladon (Jayadevi) and Jackie Dorrian (Jagdambe Ma) for this powerful 7 night yoga retreat.  We will explore our yoga practice, meditate, activate & deepen our connection to our inner feminine.  We will be inspired to create our life anew, transform any obstacles into power, rediscover our inner passions.

This retreat is for women from all walks of life and we will guide you on the path to reclaim your divine self.  Our mixed programme is perfect if you are starting your yogic journey and wish to explore different styles or if you are more experienced and wish to immerse yourself in your practice. 

Join us in stunning Southern Spain!

~Immerse Yourself in Daily Yoga and Meditation

~Celebrate The Divine Feminine

~Reclaim your inner soul spark of power, love and wisdom

~ Reconnect with others and the environment

~Take time for you – Rest & Restore

Our Goddess Power Yoga Retreat will take place at Suryalila Yoga Retreat in the heart of the Spanish Andalucian Hills, Southern Spain, close to the charming villages of Arcos de la Frontera and Prado del Rey.

Suryalila Yoga Retreat is a world class yoga venue with fabulous yoga shalas, cosy designer accommodation, outstanding organic cuisine, salt water swimming pool and sauna set in 45 acres of land.  A striking part of the natural beauty of this retreat centre is the breathtaking vista extending in all directions: rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, and lakes. The sense of vastness and expansiveness is very uplifting!

Click here to find out >>

Picturesque Suryalila has a very special energy. It is run with complete love and respect. The staff, the views, the food, the accommodation and much more are why I keep coming back. It is completely magical!”—Emma Henry, Senior Jivamukti Teacher, London, UK

We understand that life can be busy and stressful so this yoga retreat is a perfect opportunity to take care of self, replenish, rejuvenate, relax and to have time to “just be”.  Take the time to honour your body mind and soul.

You may travel as a group or solo but it is guaranteed that you will meet like minded people on retreat.  Retreats are perfect if you are travelling alone, you have the choice to spend time with others or enjoy your own space if you wish.  This luxury retreat is led by two experienced yoga teachers: Julie Bladon (Jayadevi) and Jackie Dorrian (Jagdambe Ma), who will teach yoga classes in a variety of styles including Akhanda Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

During the 7 night retreat, each day will consist of two yoga classes, meditation plus additional workshops.

To book please complete the booking form below and a deposit of £200 is payable.  Full balance due by 31 March 2017.  Monthly payment plans are available, please ask for details.


Day of arrival (Saturday 20 May)

Saturday Schedule

17.30 Opening Circle & Yoga

19.00 Dinner

For full travel information click here >> 

Normal day schedule

07.00 – 09.00 Yoga & Meditation

09.30 Breakfast

11.30 – 16.00 Free time

13.30 Lunch

16.00 – 18.00 Yoga

19.00 Dinner

Spaces are limited so please book early to guarantee your spot!

Snacks, Treats & Beverages

In the dining room, you can also find healthy snacks, ice cream and a selection of beverages including organic wine and beer. Suryalila has an honesty list to sign when taking these items and you pay for everything at the end of your stay.

Package includes:

– 7 nights accommodation

– 3 gourmet vegetarian buffet style meals per day

– free tea, coffee, fruit and drinking water

– welcome pack to help you unwind

– twice daily (morning and afternoon) yoga & meditation classes

– one rest day when you may wish to rest at Suryalila or explore the local area.  Trips and excursions can be arranged.

– a blissful Yoga Nidra session where you will enjoy complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation

– free use of internet

– free use of salt water swimming pool and sauna

– time to explore local hikes

– the yoga studio is fully equipped with yoga mats, blocks and bolsters

Optional activities include: Deep Tissue or Thai massage, horse-riding, optional excursions and hiking trips in the stunning nearby Natural parks and the White Towns of Andalusia and much more…

Not included:

– Flight to Spain

– Travel Insurance

– Airport Transfers

– Snacks / Treats / Beverages / Shopping

– Day trips & excursions

– Massages & treatments

For bookings and queries please contact info@juliebladon.com or refer to the following links.

Suryalila Retreat Centre >>

Co-hosted by Julie Bladon / Jackie Dorrian

Any changes to reservations must be made in writing.

Retreat Testimonials

Really loved the space created.  Particularly appreciated the suggestions for daily practice which I will take away.  Enjoyed the discussion in the studio in some sessions and Friday morning interactive session excellent, liked having time to ask about postures and learning from other people’s questions in the group.  Thank you Thank you Thank you

The place & people were very enjoyable & a good mix of personalities.  You two have been very accessible and welcoming.”

Thank you Julie and Jackie for a wonderful week, full of joy and fun.  It has been very interesting to experience different types of yoga practice and different teaching styles.  I feel I have learned a lot and have been convinced that I can include daily yoga practice into my usual routine.  You are both excellent inspirational teachers and I appreciate your hard work planning the sessions and all the smooth organisation.  Thank you again for your patience and kindness.”

Good caring and friendly group – I felt very comfortable being part of it.  Thank you Julie and Jackie for making the retreat such a pleasurable experience.  What a fantastic experience thank to you two. Thank you thank you! Yoga will never be the same again.”