Book Review: The Practice – shipping creative work by Seth Godin

the practice seth godin

I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying the long stretch between Christmas and New Year to catch up on reading books, listening to podcasts, watching movies and taking rest.

I have finished Seth Godin’s new book, ‘The Practice – shipping creative work’ over the holidays.  An inspiring book that encourages creatives to do the work that matters.

The Practice Seth Godin

As we know creative work can be difficult at times and we need encouragement to keep going.  This book helps to drive creatives forward and helps people to get out of their own way.

This positive book is written in mini chapters so is a fast read and a perfect book to dip into when you need some inspiration.

Thank you Seth for mentioning “Morning Pages”, the creative practice featured in Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’.  I frequently use morning pages although I must admit I do dip in and out of this practice.  My focus can wander and I stop doing my morning pages even though I know that it is a valuable tool for discovering our creativity.  I’m now back to my morning pages practice.

Seth acts as supporter to all creatives and those wishing to explore their creativity.  It’s a call to action and is an easily digestible handbook for those taking this journey.  This book is about discipline and taking daily steps towards creative goals.  It is honest and supports creatives through the stages of self-doubt, fear, imposter syndrome and creative blocks.


Doing our creative work daily helps us move forward, work towards our goals, create new work, start a new business and get our work out into the world.

It’s Possible

This book is for people who want to lead, to write, or to sing.  For people who seek to teach, to innovate, and to solve interesting problems. 

For people who want to go on the journey to become a therapist, a painter or leader.

It’s possible.  The people who came before us have managed to speak up, stand up and make a difference.  While each journey is unique, each follows a pattern – and once you see it, it’s yours.

‘The Practice’ – Seth Godin

This is art

Not painting, but art: the act of doing something that might not work, simply because it’s a generous thing to do.  The combination of talent, skill, craft, and point of view that brings new light to old problems.  The way we change our culture and ourselves.

Art is the work we do where there is no right answer – and yet the journey is worth the effort.  We might make art with a keyboard, with a paintbrush, or with our actions.  Mostly, we do it because we lean into a practice, trusting we have a shot at making a difference.

‘The Practice’ – Seth Godin

How do we work with intention and create a regular practice?  According to Seth we can use this simple narrative

  1. This is a practice
  2. It has a purpose
  3. I desire to create change
  4. The change is for someone specific
  5. How can I do it better?
  6. Can I persist long enough to do it again?
  7. Repeat.

We can learn to trust – ourselves, our audience and our work.  This roadmap is designed to be revisited again and again as we do our practice and fine tune our creative work.

If you are ready to unlock your creativity and take daily steps to do your practice, I’d highly recommend this book to get you started and to encourage you on your journey.

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