Yes they are available at most of the major outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music, Insight Timer, Mindbliss, Amazon, Google Play, CDBaby and many other outlets. Downloads and CDs are published under Jayadevi.

Due to the size of the downloads you will initially need to download to a PC or laptop. The e-course download will include details of how to stream to your device and the sound files can be saved to your iTunes account. Once saved the sound files this can be played on your device from your Music App.

Alternatively for Apple devices you can save the files to your Cloud storage, such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, and from here you can access the files.

For android devices the files can be directly stored in the device storage.


I am very happy to discuss writing commissions and articles.  Email me at with full information.

Please contact me to discuss your interview request via

Copywriting service

Get in touch if you’d like assistance with regular quality content. I have thirty years’ marketing experience, including copywriting, for corporates, charities, start-ups, entrepreneurs, artists and wellness sector.


Book online for Zoom yoga classes and workshops. You will be sent a link and full details for the session via email at least one week before the date.

For the session, please organise a space where you can get comfortable for your yoga practice. Gather any yoga equipment you need – mat, cushions, pillows and blankets.

It is helpful to let me know that you will be attending. Spaces are limited so it would be useful to confirm. Remember you can save money by booking for the whole term and this also guarantees your place particularly in the busy classes. Course bookings are non-refundable.

You can come along with a friend if you like, simply drop me an email and your place can be secured.

Under covid secure guidelines, I require pre-booking in order to adhere to social distancing and other requirements.

For workshop bookings I will endeavour to sell on your place if you cannot make the event you have booked for.  If your place is successfully filled a refund will be offered for the cancellation.

Just come about 15min before your first class to allow for time to fill out a registration form, discuss any questions you may have and to get comfortable.

Please dress in loose comfortable exercise clothes (barefoot in the yoga room). Your temperature may vary throughout the class so layers are recommended. You may also like to bring something warm for relaxation at the end of the class.

Please bring a yoga mat to yoga classes. I will bring a few with me but it is best to bring your own. I will also carry a few blankets but I’d recommend that you also bring a blanket. Lotus Loft is fully equipped with yoga mats, blankets and blocks although you may prefer to bring your own.

No. There is a place to store your shoes at each of the venues during classes.  You may wish to wear socks for the beginning and final relaxation.

Yes, bring a water bottle to class. It is suggested that you drink a little before and after, but not during class.

If you need to drink water during class, then drink water. Ensure that you listen to your body and do not restrict. The key is to keep hydrated.

You are encouraged to stay conscious and aware rather than drinking water to sidetrack your mind..

Avoid a heavy meal prior to the practice and do not eat anything for at least two hours before commencing the class.

Doors open 15 minutes before scheduled classes.

Please try to arrive on time, which means at least 5minutes before the start of class. Please have consideration for your fellow students and try not to interrupt the class by arriving late.

If you do come in after class has started, quietly join the class as soon as you are able and take a minute to centre yourself, and then join in.

If you are running very late (over 30minutes) it is advisable not to rush in order to attend class. All aspects of the class are important so you do not want to miss parts so it is best for you and the class if you do not join too late into the class.

If you will be missing a class, please inform me as soon as you know. This will be much appreciated and will assist with class planning.

Changing and toilet facilities are available for men and women at all of the yoga venues. You are welcome to take your valuables (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) inside the yoga room, but please remember to turn off your mobile.

If you are stiff, you are not alone. So many years of our lives we are sitting at a desk, driving in a car, or standing on our feet all day long. The weight of gravity and the weight of our worries can cause a lot of tension and stiffness in our physical bodies. By practicing Yoga, we stretch, lengthen and sometimes go into positions that we never thought we could, in order to bring relief and strength to the short, tense muscles in the body. Regularity and patience are absolutely necessary to stretch out tense and stiff muscles, but over time the body can really change and feel lighter, brighter and much more relaxed. Most of us don’t start out flexible when we go to a Yoga class, and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so try not to compare your progress, your body, your postures or anything with anyone else in the class. You are practicing Yoga for you; it is your journey, your process, your body and your mind. The more introspective and patient you are with yourself and where you are with your Yoga practice today, the more beneficial the practice will become for you.

It is not recommended to leave before the completion of your practice. I respectfully ask you not to leave until class has been closed. Each class ends with a period of final relaxation (savasana) which typically lasts 5-10 minutes.

Savasana is an important aspect of the practice. Most of us live incredibly busy and hectic lives. It is wise to take at least a little time at the end of our practice to assimilate the soothing benefits we have accrued during our practice. It’s the best bit, don’t miss out!

As with any exercise during pregnancy, you should always get the green light from your clinician before starting Yoga. I recommend that you start with Prenatal Yoga within a specialty class.

I always recommend that if you have special health concerns to consult your Doctor before attending Yoga class or scheduling a private session.

Please take responsibility for your own body, only you know if a posture is right for you. If you become tired or uncomfortable, release from a posture and rest on your mat. Please ask your teacher any questions, at any time.

Yoga term bookings are valid for the term dates booked only.

Unfortunately refunds or exchanges cannot be given for workshops. For events with a waiting list I will try to sell your unwanted place.

Click here to read my terms.

For retreats & tours please see the individual events for the cancellation policy.