Book Review: Becoming Flawesome – Could your deepest flaws be the doorway to your greatest life?

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Thank you to Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, co-founder of Mindvalley, and HayHouse for an advance copy of Becoming Flawesome.

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani is the co-founder of Mindvalley, the world’s most powerful life transformation platform with an ever-growing 20 million-strong following. She is an entrepreneur, writer, international speaker, artist, and philanthropist based in Estonia.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Becoming Flawesome which releases on Monday 10th July 2023.

Becoming Flawesome is described as “10 years worth of therapy in one book”, a celebration of our whole selves, warts and all, and the authenticity that is to be found in living in our truth.

In her book, Kristina shares her own journey from being the Co-Founder of the personal growth organisation Mindvalley to stepping aside, and walking her path towards being more honest with herself.

Kristina states “I was 40 when I started suspecting that I was living a lie. Not a bad lie. Not a complete and utter lie. Just a little pretending, a mask here and there, a little playing along to fit in.”

And adds “I walked my path to my true self, to understanding what makes me truly me . . . and what of that unique quirkiness is simply noise. You see, your flaws and your dragons are there for a reason—they make you who you are, but they also hold the key to your biggest value, to your mightiest strengths, if you choose to look your dragons in the eye.”

Midlife definitely sends curveballs and invites deep reflection. What may have served us for many years or decades, may no longer resonate or work. Rumblings deep inside us start to stir, quiet whispers which left unattended can become loud screams from our inner knowing.

“But what if that resistance you feel is your heart and intuition giving you signals that you are going full speed ahead…in the wrong direction?” asks Kristina

Becoming Flawesome explores topics such as vulnerability, authenticity, self-criticism, habits, quality of life, optimism, awareness, perfection, imperfection, social roles and masks, self-acceptance, dealing with emotions, self-care, self-love, healing, philosophy and honesty.

Kristina writes “The only person who’s rejection you have to fear is your own. As long as you can accept yourself, the world has no choice but to accept you as well. And if it doesn’t, you won’t give a damn anyway.”

Each chapter closes with reflection points and exercises to encourage readers to explore the essence of who they truly are, what their values are, and how to navigate the sometimes overwhelming world. We can use introspection, journaling, creativity and curiosity to explore who we are now, what is changing and what we need for our future roadmap.

“It is because you feel shame or guilt for prioritising yourself that it is so intimidating to voice your priorities to the world.” states Kristina.

The more we understand ourselves and the changes that are occurring, the more we can invite in the new and share our voice.

Change has three stages – Endings, The Neutral Zone where the world seems to slow and no movement is possible akin to winter, through to New Beginnings which occurs after the first two stages. The new growth can take root and flourish as the way forward is cleared. We can develop new habits that stick and map out our journey forward.

Kristina writes “If anything, life is spontaneous, unpredictable, unique, and ever-changing. Life is full of opposites and contradictions that beautifully coexist. Night follows the day, day follows night. Darkness follows the light and light follows the darkness. Spring follows winter and autumn follows summer. Death follows birth and birth follows death. And so it goes on in constant motion, eternally changing and shifting. Put simply, every opposite is birthed from the same source. And so, life must be embraced in its entirety, with both halves of duality, as a beautiful mix of the opposites.”

This book is about finding your way back to yourself, an invitation to explore the light and the dark, about understanding who you really are, accepting your dents and scratches, your quirky uniqueness and even your flaws. It is about thriving in being unapologetically you, most flawesomely.

Becoming Flawesome is available to order via or via all main book retailers.

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“Becoming Flawesome is a roadmap to deep self-awareness, radical self-acceptance and genuine self-love. An inspiring read for any individual prepared to embark on a journey towards their truest selves.” – Dr. Shefali, The New York Times bestselling author and clinical psychologist

“Becoming Flawesome is a refreshingly honest, insightful, and liberating book… one which frees you from the prison of beliefs and values guaranteed to destroy your Spirit and gently walks you back to the safety sanity and lasting success of your heart” – Sonia Choquette, The New York Times bestselling author of The Answer is Simple; Love yourself Live your Spirit.