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Poetry and Motion

As I prepare for the Aloha Yoga Summer Retreat, which takes place at the end of this month, I found this beautiful poem from one of last year’s guests.

This poem took me right back to Bala Brook, a truly stunning location for a retreat. Reading this poem brings a huge smile to my face and an opening of my heart. Not long until our 2014 retreat, I can’t wait!


We arrived on a Friday in sunny June,
The setting was perfect – Nature all in tune.
With the sound of the river rushing close by,
the gardens were beautiful, that is no lie.
My fellow yogis were a lovely gang.
All individuals and happy to hang.
With no judgement, no ego, no-one to impress,
we were completely ourselves with just yoga, peace and love no less.
Jackie and Julie are teachers most kind.
And Christine our cook made lunch with our foraging finds.
So we Yoga’d, we Ommed, we foraged, we slept
but most importantly we laughed and at times even wept.
It was a weekend of joy at the nature outside
As well as of the love and happiness that deep down we can hide.
In our everyday life we need more of this
For it brings out the knowledge that doing nothing is BLISS.

Courtesy of Sally Creese