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Do you feel stressed, anxious, suffer from poor sleep patterns? Why not try Yoga Nidra?

Do you feel stressed, anxious, suffer from poor sleep patterns? Do you wish to de-stress, find balance between your mind, body & spirit?

If so, why not come along to my Yoga Nidra workshop on Sat 31 May, 10.30am-12.30pm at Lotus Loft Yoga Studio in Exeter. Complete beginners welcome, you will be fully guided so no experience necessary.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

How Yoga Nidra can help:

  • Slow down body metabolism and allows deep rejuvenation.
  • Enable the relaxation of the entire muscular system brings relief to aches and pains caused by body stiffness and over exertion.
  • Slow down the heart and breathing rates helping to reduce blood pressure.
  • The endocrinal (glandular) system, which coordinates all the body’s functions and which becomes constantly overused and abused in the course of our daily activities (especially the adrenal glands in their response to anxiety), are given a chance to recuperate and normalise bringing them more into balance.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep and can act as an antidote to insomnia.
  • Reduce stress levels in the body which helps to release deep seated anxieties in the mind.

Here’s some feedback from a student that attended a recent Yoga Nidra workshop.

It was lovely meeting you and the workshop really was incredibly special, needless to say I spent most of Saturday in a blissful state, almost not knowing what planet I was on!! On Sunday, I had so much energy, I was able to walk for several miles (the weather was so amazing too). I feel so much more positive about life..thank you so much. I love your meditation cd too, I have been playing it every night…and also trying to fit in some yoga practice!” JY, Devon

Remember to book early as these workshops do fill up and I quite often have a waiting list.

Contact me for further information info@juliebladon.com.

Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra) is available on CD and download.  Yoga Sleep is also stocked by iTunes and Amazon.

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