mist_1920Yoga with Jayadevi

Helps you to develop fitness, balance, co-ordination, a sense

of self-awareness and a deeper peace of mind

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Sleep Sanctuary – Help Me Sleep


“Alexa, Open Sleep Sanctuary”

Welcome! I’m really pleased to meet you.

I’ve put together my website to share my love of yoga, meditation, wellbeing and travel. Yoga is really about YOU, getting back to your true self. Your unique practice will invite you to build self-awareness, embrace your individuality, nurture self-confidence, create balance & harmony and develop health & happiness.

Yoga cultivates the experience of “union”, leading to a greater integration of being, inner peacefulness and clarity of mind.

Your experience with yoga will develop over time, your practice will always evolve and change. Remember anyone can start a yoga practice, even if you do not feel very flexible or strong. These things will improve as you start your practice.

I hope you will join me,



Hatha Yoga, a practice of asanas (yoga postures)
and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises)
which help bring peace to the mind and body.

This state enables us to begin an inner journey
of transformation and a higher level
of awareness.

Teaching authentic yoga from the heart.
It is an inspiration to see the development
and growth of students.

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Sleep Sanctuary – Help Me Sleep

“Alexa, Open Sleep Sanctuary”

Guided Meditations

Julie Bladon (Jayadevi) is passionate about Yoga Sleep (Nidra) and the profound benefits of the practice. She has developed a range of Yoga Sleep meditations to promote relaxation, create inner peace and help to release stress and anxiety. Her meditations are beautifully crafted and backed with calming music. Also available “Yoga Sleep for Children and Other Magical Guided Meditations”.
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Yoga Sleep E-Course
Are you feeling tired, exhausted and stressed?
Yoga Sleep could help give you the good night’s sleep that you are craving. Yoga and Yoga Sleep, through the use of gentle exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation, can help promote regular restful sleep patterns. Find out more


“Yoga Nidra is ideal for mums to be, as it’s so relaxing and gentle. You create a safe and comfortable space, where people can really enjoy some much needed downtime. It was quite possibly the most relaxing two hours of my pregnancy!”

~ AA, Exeter

“Just to say a big thanks for the yoga and meditation classes. Its probably obvious…but I am very much enjoying the classes and my body and mind are saying thank you thank you thank you after some few years of neglect!! You have a really great way of running the classes”

~ LL, Exmouth

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful Yoga Nidra session. Baby and I had a really lovely time and I felt rejuvenated afterwards! I definitely be back for more once the baby has arrived.”

~ AA, Exeter

“Big thank you for yesterday’s Nidra session, it was just fantastic AND I had the best night’s sleep that I have had for months! So a really big thank you!”

~ JM, Sidmouth

“Thank you both. The day was really good, could have done with it being a whole weekend!!! There’s so much information about lifestyle to fit in with the menopause. Your information has helped to direct me, to make the changes I need to make, so thank you for that. It was a lovely group, very giving and supportive.”

~ MS, Devon (Menopause Workshop 2018)

“Thank you Julie Bladon and Jackie Dorrian-Jagdambe Ma for a fabulous Saturday celebrating the Power of the Moon – lovely to reconnect with Yoginis in Devon. I slept so well last night!”

~ Devon (The Power of the Moon Workshop 2018)

“A visit to India was always number one on my bucket list but I would never have had the courage to embark on this journey alone. I am so glad that I chose to go with Jackie and Julie. For me it was the perfect trip with the right blend of yoga, culture, sightseeing and relaxation”

~ India Tour 2018

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