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Helps you to develop fitness, balance, co-ordination, a sense

of self-awareness and a deeper peace of mind

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Welcome! I’m really pleased to meet you.

I’ve put together my website to share my love of yoga, meditation, wellbeing and travel. Yoga is really about YOU, getting back to your true self. Your unique practice will invite you to build self-awareness, embrace your individuality, nurture self-confidence, create balance & harmony and develop health & happiness.

Yoga cultivates the experience of “union”, leading to a greater integration of being, inner peacefulness and clarity of mind.

Your experience with yoga will develop over time, your practice will always evolve and change. Remember anyone can start a yoga practice, even if you do not feel very flexible or strong. These things will improve as you start your practice.

I hope you will join me,



Hatha Yoga, a practice of asanas (yoga postures)
and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises)
which help bring peace to the mind and body.

This state enables us to begin an inner journey
of transformation and a higher level
of awareness.

Teaching authentic yoga from the heart.
It is an inspiration to see the development
and growth of students.

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“I love that every one of Julie’s yoga classes is different & she always gives a range of options to suit the beginners
and more advanced students. Julie has taken me from complete novice to confidently practicing
yogic poses in a matter of weeks. I love the weekly yoga classes, they are a fantastic
way to relax, rejuvenate and keep your body supple & strong.”

~ CB, Exeter

“I look foward to attending Julie’s yoga class, its a highlight of my week. Its my time to relax, re-energize and
I have the best nights sleep after class. I love it!”

~ WH, Exeter

“Somewhere deep inside I was still on the palm-fringed Hawaiian beach, the soft white sand scrunched
between my bare toes… that’s the Lomi Lomi effect”

~ Clare Blake, Exeter Living Magazine

“Julie’s Yoga Nidra workshop was amazing. The yoga session was just what I needed & the Nidra was a
wonderful experience. I left feeling fully restored, calm and full of energy.
I would recommend the Nidra class to everyone.”

~ WH, Exeter

“R-e-l-a-x-e-d: blissful Nidra workshop : floating through this evening & think it’ll be an early night:
HUGE thank u to @JulieBladon:was wonderful”

~ JP, Exeter

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