NEW: Yoga Sleep and Other Magical Meditations for Children – Available as download

This relaxing meditation CD is designed to help children relax and sleep more peacefully. Each carefully scripted meditation features a delightful story and is backed by beautiful calming music.

Meditation is a fantastic tool that children can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives. Help your child to become more peaceful, to connect with their inner being, learn how truly wonderful they are and help them learn to release stress and anxiety.

Guided meditation can help children focus better at school, improve memory & concentration, improve behaviour, improve relationships, strengthen the immune system and promote inner peace. These fun meditations teach your child self-awareness, encourage them to be themselves and to help build self confidence.

The meditations are completely safe and an effective way to relax your child. The CD can used for general relaxation or at bedtime and is suitable for all children up to the age of 12.

Click here for samples and to download.