Book Review: Big Emotions – Mindful Music for Little People by Laura Loft

Laura’s ‘Big Emotions – Mindful Music for Little People’ book and audiobook couldn’t have arrived at a more timely period.  We are 10 weeks into lockdown and everyone, including children and their parents, are needing extra support at this time.

‘Big Emotions’ is a musical wellbeing book for 3-7yr olds (EYFS & KS1).

Emotions can be difficult to navigate especially for children.  How can they express feelings of excitement, surprise, fear, disgust, sadness, anger, trust and joy when they don’t yet have the vocabulary and understanding.

This beautifully illustrated musical book helps young children learn about their emotions and how to regulate them.  The delightful audio book provides a fun soundtrack to explore and understand the emotions.  Laura has written and recorded the calming and peaceful song ‘I am Calm’ to help soothe the emotions.

It’s a journey to understand our own feelings and emotions.  Children develop self-awareness and understanding as they learn and experience the world.  We learn how our emotions affect ourselves and those around us.  We learn that its ok to have feelings.

Children can explore and develop tools to help them navigate the emotions and to know that all emotions are valid.  This book creates a safe and fun way to explore emotions all supported by the wonderful soundtrack.

Singing and music can play a big part in a child’s development.  Parents instinctively know to use music to calm and soothe their child.  Music helps the body and mind to work together.  The book coupled with sound helps children to learn the sound and meaning of words including the big emotion words.

Laura Loft is a musician, singer-songwriter and educator based in Devon, UK.  Having enjoyed a portfolio career in music she now focuses on using music for wellbeing in children and young people’s lives.  The creative idea for this book came out of caring for her young son whilst dealing with her own challenging experiences with CFS/M.E/Fibromyalgia.  Together with her young son she spent a lot of time creating stories, adventures and games from the comfort of a bed or chair.  And this is how the story of the Little Boy and Cat was born.

Laura is a music educator using music as a creative tool for behavioural, emotional mental health and wellbeing.  “In order for children to regulate their emotions they need to be able to firstly recognise them.  They need to know that it is ok to feel these big emotions, that they will come and go and the need to know how to deal with them” said Laura.  Big Emotions has been a therapeutic tool for Laura personally, as part of her healing journey she would slowly, very slowly write the book and the accompanying music.

Internationally recognised artist and illustrator Nia Gould has provided the delightful illustrations for the book and audiobook.  This is Nia’s third book and unsurprisingly features a cat, something in which she focuses on in her art, books, pins, prints and greetings cards through her design studio and shop.

To find out more and to purchase a copy of ‘Big Emotions – Mindful Music for Little People’ visit this website.  School activity packs are available to accompany the book.  You can also access a free copy of the audiobook and instrumental track.  Check out Laura’s YouTube channel for a copy of the audiobook and workshop songs to accompany this project.  Laura is available to host ‘Big Emotions’ packages for schools in Exeter and the surrounding area.  Contact Laura directly at