Quantum physics has proved that everything in the universe is made up of energy which constantly flows and changes. Just as we can become unbalanced energetically so can our homes, land and offices. The energy of places can affect how our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Everything that has happened in a building – thoughts, actions and emotions – can be imprinted in the walls, floors and furniture. Past traumas, grief, depression, sadness, ill health, bad vibes can create stagnant energy which may affect the lives and comfort for the current people who live there.

Other factors, such as underwater streams, earth energy lines, energy channels, fault lines, stress lines, ley lines, spirit lines, chakra balancing, fabric of the building and so on, can also have a detrimental effect on the property and its inhabitants.

Energetic space clearing is a highly effective technique to clear the past energy of a home or land. By moving the energy to a more vibrant, positive, revitalised energy we can see improvements in the quality of life, health issues and promote a more positive outlook. The energy of a cleared space will have clarity and positivity.

Space clearing is a practice found in many traditional or native cultures. There are many tools to clear energy such as drumming, smudging with sage, sound, rituals, prayers and essential oils. De-cluttering to remove excess clutter is a form of space clearing and allows the energy to flow more freely.

Properties and land are also considered energetic entities so there may be stagnant energy to cleared. A property may have been built on sacred ground, on a battle field or may have a negative past history. The Energy Clearance can act to clear this energy.

I am in the process of selling a property and decided to commission a Property Energy Clearance in order to ensure a smooth selling process. I provided details of the property along with a detailed floor plan. The property was energetically cleared and I received a comprehensive report containing 40 points that had been reviewed and cleared.

This report confirmed thoughts that I’d had in relation to the property and identified clear actions that I needed to take. Once I made the decision to take action and instigated the changes, I received an offer on the property within a few days!

Even if you do not own the property you are living in, you are still considered in ‘energetic’ ownership of the property so an Energy Clearance would still be valid in this situation. In addition objects in the home may be causing energy disturbances and this will be identified within an Energy Clearance.

Negative energy may cause businesses to have financial difficulties, organisational challenges and employee conflicts. It may also cause you and your staff to experience ill health, emotional outbursts, unclear thinking, indecisiveness, and ineffectiveness. A Property Energy Clearance will help to clear any stuck energy in business premises.

I’d highly recommend a Property Energy Clearing to cleanse your home or business environment. Issues and negativity can be easily cleared. It’s a great way to create a healthier, happier and positive home or office.

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