GUEST POST: From stuck and blocked to a thriving Soulful Business

A huge big thank you to Kimberley Jones for inviting me to write a guest post for her website, Kimberley Jones – Mentoring & Community for Awakening Women.

Click here to read my full guest post and to find out more about my experience of working with Kimberley on her mentoring programme.

Here’s a little bit about Kimberley in her own words:

I’m Kimberley Jones, I’m a highly sensitive, intuitive woman living in a small village in the UK. I work from home following my heart and doing what I love. Right now that involves creating helpful content for my website and making a film based on my own story of awakening.

I help women navigate their awakening process, come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and step into their purpose.

My intention is to help you make a difference AND make a living by doing what you love and by simply being yourself.”

Visit Kimberley’s website for podcasts, audios, one to one sessions and to find out more about her work.

(Image Kimberley Jones. Copyright Kimberley Jones 2014)