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Go see Starfish Meditation on YouTube!

Starfish Meditation from the “Yoga Sleep and Other Magical Guided Meditations for Children” is now available on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for all of the fantastic reviews that I have been receiving for this CD.  It is such an honour that this CD is helping so many children in such a wide variety of ways.  Ranging from relaxation and stress relief, for bedtime and for those that have been ill and have listened to the CD whilst in hospital.

Downloads are now available on iTunes, Amazon and on streaming sites such as Spotify.

“Thank you for this brilliant CD!  Our 5 ½ year old daughter (who has sleep issues due as she is unable to allow her brain to relax) listens to it every night , and it has really help her to calm down at bedtime. For us, we can see a real positive change, and she is often less frantic when going to bed following using the CD, and sometimes she even falls asleep before the end – a real result!!  She has asked me to tell you she particularly loves being an eagle, and asks when are you doing another one!” ~ LR, UK