Thursday 7 – Sunday 10 August 2014, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

I have just been confirmed as an In-House Massage Therapist with Wild*Wellbeing at The Sanctuary, WILDERNESS Festival.

The Sanctuary returns for another body-healing, soul-nourishing year, securely nestled on the top of a beautifully shaded hill above the lakes. Hugely popular – the Sanctuary has even more to offer in 2014.

The Wild*Wellbeing team has curated The Sanctuary as a festival destination, combining leading yoga teachers to twist, stretch and shake down your body, alongside a repertoire of highly qualified therapists and complementary health and wellbeing consultants from all disciplines. From acupuncture to zero-balancing, there is no ail that can’t addressed in this village of happiness.

Wilderness – The Film from Wilderness Festival on Vimeo.

Visit the Wilderness Festival Store to book your treatments. Click here for more about Wilderness Festival.

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Ever fancied a trip to Hawaii? Julie Bladon lets us into a secret… with Lomi Lomi massage we can save our pennies and bring the essence of Hawaii to us. And with it comes a whole ocean of wisdom!

Click here to read my article on Lomi Lomi massage and 7 Principles of Huna which was published in Inspired Times Magazine.

Check out Inspired Times Magazine.  It’s FREE online or you can order a paper edition for £6.  Creative, informative, uplifting with features on yoga, spirituality, eco issues, travel, health and much much more!

Welcome to my brand new website!  Over the last few months I have been busy working with Will from Atwork and web developer Rupert to create a brand new look and website.

The aim has been to freshen things up, create a more user friendly and searchable website plus create a space for blogging.

I hope the website is easy to navigate.  You will find sections on Yoga, Meditation, Lomi Lomi and Events which includes all weekly yoga classes, yoga workshops and retreats.  The Shop features classes, workshops, CDs and downloads plus yoga products.  My aim is to add more items and products to the shop so please drop by regularly to find out what’s new.

I will be blogging regularly and sending a FREE guided meditation each month to my e-list.  Email subscribers will receive exclusive updates, news and free guided meditations.  You can join my email list here.

Do let me know what you think of the new website and also contact me with any Yoga, Lomi Lomi or natural health topics you would like me to cover in my blogs.

Finally a quick thank you to Exeter based photographer, Helen Lisk, for my new photos and to Devon based professional make-up artist, Eve Ashby, for my make-up for the photo shoot.


“Feel the acceptance, the love and how it creates a supporting, nourishing and healing energy. Feel the transforming power of this energy, hold it deep within you”

An interesting article on Lomi Lomi, the power of compassion, Aloha Spirit and how the practice can touch the client on such a deep level that it creates transformation and healing.

In-Depth Lomi Lomi by Christine Spycher-Mandel (Courtesy of

These great new packages offer a mix of activities and also save you money.  They make great gifts so you can book the package and the recipient can book an appointment time to suit them.  Really easy and very flexible!

The yoga packages can be for upto 3 people so you can share the costs and book sessions to fit into your daily schedule.

Tailor-made packages are also available for birthdays, Christmas, hen parties and so on.  Get in touch via or call 07754 983498 to discuss your requirements.

The packages are available in the online shop, just book and we can arrange the appointment times.

Huna philosophy and the changed outlook on life can help individuals achieve closer and more loving personal relationships, both at home and at work. Dramatic improvements occur in all areas of life.

The state of your mind affects your emotions and Huna can free locked up memories and emotional states. You become capable of successfully treating harmful addictions, insomnia, migraine and depression, as well as breaking destructive habits as you learn a healthier, happier and more harmonious way of living your life.

The spiritual essence of the Huna philosophy is that all power comes from within. Huna teaches us to listen to our inner self, to develop intuition and to balance your seven energy centres or chakras through meditation, breathwork and healing.

the seven principles of huna

ike : be aware

The world is what you think it is

kala : be creative

There is no limits

makia : be focused

Energy flows where attention goes

manawa : be here

Now is the moment of power

aloha : be happy

To love is to be happy with

mana : be confident

All power comes from within

pono: be positive

Effectiveness is the measure of truth

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and I hope the New Year brings much happiness and joy.  Thank you to everyone that I have worked with this year, to everyone that has ordered my Yoga Sleep meditations and to everyone I have connected with online.  It has been a truly wonderful year and 2014 is shaping up to be an equally exciting year!